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About Us
Why choose GreenPower Electric

At GreenPower Electric, you have the opportunity to contribute to a healthier and more prosperous world. Join a passionate team to add to your story. We are focused on advancing electrical technology to improve performance, shape new business models and find new ways of working that benefit our customers, partners and society. We hope you can be proud to be a member of GreenPower Electric.

We Care About

At GreenPower Electric, we care about our employees and their stories. We create a safe, fair, just and inclusive work environment where our employees can succeed and thrive regardless of gender, ethnic or cultural, religious or social background. A diverse team makes us stronger.

Green Power Electric is also committed to maintaining high standards of integrity in everything we do.

We are growing

We help our employees succeed and develop themselves, and allow them to start their own business at Green Power Electric. Our benefits, incentives and development programs cover a wide range of content.

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Do you want to shape the future with us? Take a deep dive into our recruiting process and find some helpful tips and tricks on how to join the team. Let our story be your story.

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