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Oil-immersed Transformer



Product description


  • Oil-immersed Light type is a new high-voltage test transformer equipment, this series of products using CD core devices improve shock tolerance, high voltage primary winding and secondary winding coaxial wound on the core, thereby reducing leakage flux, increasing the coupling between windings, the product has compact structure, versatility, easy to carry


  • It is suitable for power systems and power users in the field for testing of various insulating properties of high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical equipment testing and is necessary for preventive test transformer.

  • GPJ series light except for the exchange of high-voltage test transformer frequency voltage withstand test.

Product Features

  • Excellent selection, reliable quality, good Stability

  • A large voltage margin, small power sound, small Partial Discharge

  • Volume very light

  • Any special technical requirement, please consult with GP for more details.