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GPW4-12, 40.5(D)


Product description
Product Overview
  • GPW4-12, 40.5kV series outdoor high-voltage AC disconnectors is a new designed and manufactured based on the mature experience of domestic existing disconnectors' production and foreign advanced technology.

  • GPW4-12kV, 40.5kV series outdoor high-voltage AC disconnectors with single-pole structure, suitable for power systems with a frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 12kV and 40.5kV. It is used as a circuit breaker when there is voltage and no load. The antipollution disconnectors can meet the requirements of users in heavily polluted areas, and can effectively solve the pollution flashover problem that occurs during the operation of the disconnectors.

Product Model and Meaning
  • E5.0101ME-[GPW4-12,-40.png

Implementation Standards
  • GPW4-12kV, 40.5kV series outdoor high-voltage AC disconnectors should comply with GB 1985-2004 "High-voltage AC connectors and earthing switch", IEC60129 "AC disconnectors and earthing switch" and IEC60694 "High-voltage switchgear and control equipment Common terms" and other relevant standards.

Normal Use Environment
  • Altitude: 1000~3000m;

  • Ambient temperature: upper limit +40° C, lower limit -35° C (not lower than -40° C in alpine areas);

  • The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa (equivalent to a wind speed of 35m/s);

  • The seismic intensity does not exceed 8;

  • The thickness of ice coating shall not exceed 10mm;

  • Pollution-resistant products are suitable for heavily polluted areas;

  • Not suitable for places with flammable substances, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.


GPW4-12D/630 Three-stage linkage assembly drawing

GPW4-12D/630 Single-stage connectors

GPW4-40.5D/2500 Three-stage linkage assembly drawing

GPW4-40.5D/2500 Single-stage linkage assembly drawing