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24kV Indoor High Voltage AC Earthing Switch



Product description


  • GPJN15-24/31.5 type indoor high voltage earthing switch is the assembly type products, its performance meet GB1985-2004 High Voltage AC Disconnector and Earthing Switch and the

  • requirements of standard IEC62271-102:2002. The products suit for power system with 24kV, 3 phase, AC, 50(60) Hz; It has capacity of short-circuit close to protect the electrical equipment from damage, Applicable for high voltage switchgear arrangement as the earthing protection when maintenance.

Condition of us

  • Ambient temperature: upper limit +45°C, lower limit -25°C

  • The altitude does not exceed 1000m

  • Daily average value of relative humidity: ≤95%. Monthly average value of relative humidity: ≤90%

  • Seismic intensity not exceeding 8 degree

  • Pollution class: II

  • Special condition: Please specify when ordering.

Ordering notice

  • When ordering earthing switch, please specify product model, right or left operation, phase distance, with or without live indicator device (specify the indicator model).

  • Flexible connect length need extend or not (Standard L=400mm).

  • If any special requirements, please contact with Green Power to develop detailed specifications.


GPJN15-24/31.5 Earthing switch outline and installation dimension