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24kV Withdrawable Embedded Vacuum Circuit Breaker


Product description


  • GPVN-24kV Model indoor AC High Voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a type of holistic sealed High Voltage switchgear with small volume and compact structure. It applies to power system of rated voltage 24kV, three-phase AC 50/60Hz, and used to control and protect electric apparatus and circuit with frequent operations.

Applied standards

  • This product conforms to IEC62271100 & GB1984, JB3855 and DL403.

Conditions of use

  • Ambient temperature: upper limit +45°C, lower limit -25°C

  • The altitude does not exceed 1000m (Standard); can up to 4500m for special ordering;

  • Atmospheric environment: the surrounding air is not seriously polluted by corrosive or flammable gases and dust

  • Daily average value of relative humidity: ≤95%. Monthly average value of relative humidity: ≤90%

  • Earthquake intensity≤8 degree

Product features

  • Holistic structure

  • Sealed arc-extinguishing chamber

  • High quality vacuum arc-extinguishing

  • Sound mechanical feature

  • Various mounting methods.