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12kV Withdrawable Embedded Vacuum Circuit Breaker



Product description
  • GPVN-12E vacuum circuit breaker is derived from German technology and is a new generation of solid-sealed vacuum circuit breaker that adopts advanced solid-sealed insulation technology.

  • Its main feature is that the main conductive circuit adopts a vacuum interrupter with ultra-low resistance value and conductive parts are cast in epoxy resin to achieve solid insulation, and the operating mechanism adopts a new spring mechanism with simple structure, reliable performance and optimized design.

Product test
  • GPVN type solid-sealed vacuum circuit breaker has passed various tests to ensure its safe operation.

  • Type test: power frequency withstand voltage, lightning impulse withstand voltage, short-circuit current switching, short-time and peak withstand current, temperature rise, mechanical life and other test items.

  • Factory test: mechanical characteristic test, main circuit power frequency withstand voltage, auxiliary and control circuit insulation test, main circuit resistance test, interlock operation test, mechanical and electrical operation test.

Standards compliant
  • The technical parameters of GPVN solid-sealed vacuum circuit breaker fully comply with GB1984, GB/T11022 and DL403, and also meet the requirements of IEC62271-100, IEC56 standard and relevant standards of other major industrialized countries.

Complete series
  • GPVN type solid-sealed vacuum circuit breaker series rated voltage: 12kV

  • Rated currnet:630A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3150A, 4000A 

  • Rated short-circuit breaking current:20kA, 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA