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GPN1-12kV Metal-clad Enclosed Removable Switchgear

GPN1-12 Series


Product description
  • GPN1-12kV metal-clad closed removable switchgear is a miniaturized, intelligent and highly reliable switchgear developed by absorbing ABB's ZS1 switchgear technology and combining with national standards.

  • It is mainly used in power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises to receive and distribute electric energy, and realize the functions of control, protection, monitoring and communication.

  • The cabinet is fully assembled by multi-layer bending of aluminum-clad steel plates, the protection level is IP4X, and it has a perfect pressure relief system and safety interlock.

  • Equipped with ABB company VD4, GPVN series vacuum circuit breaker, also can be equipped with Westinghouse VAC-W or W-VCP vacuum circuit breaker, Siemens 3AH vacuum circuit breaker and ZN18-12, ZN65-12, VS1, GPVN vacuum circuit breaker.

  • The mid-mounted handcart has the advantages of miniaturization, standardization and good interchangeability.

Application Standard
  • Products comply with GB3906, DL/T404, IEC62271-200 standards, as well as IEC, IEEE, ANSI, ASME, IAEA and other nuclear test related standards.

Main Feature
  • Metal armored, air-insulated, suitable for medium-voltage power distribution, and can withstand internal arcs; in-plant assembly, testing, and indoor installation are tested in accordance with international standards and Chinese national standards; various functional units can be combined to achieve various installation schemes , Each compartment is isolated from each other by metal partitions, modular structure, easy to assemble.

  • Compact structure, high space utilization, installation, operation and maintenance can be carried out in front of the cabinet; main switch door closing operation, reliable wall or back-to-back installation, easy maintenance, low workload; perfect mechanical safety lock, grounding switch can be closed The rated short-circuit current ensures the continuity of operation to the greatest extent.

  • Various main switches such as vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors and load switches can be configured.

  • Conventional or integrated intelligent control protection devices can be configured.

  • Configurable with traditional transformers or new sensors

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